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Holiday Makeup Must-Haves

We are giving you some recs to slay the season! Don't sweat all of those holiday parties, we've got you covered with these makeup must-haves!
Marie Dalgar Fiber Mascara Set - $29.50
This primer and mascara duo is a rival lash extensions without the hassle or investment! These products will have you looking the perfect amount of glam for this holiday season.
Play Color Eye Palette No. Leopard Runway - $36
This palette is perfect for the holidays with rich gold, brown and taupe tones. Its guaranteed to make your eyes shimmer!
Play Color Eyes #LavenderLand - $25
Also perfect for this time of year, this palette features tones of red, purple and pink. Ideal for a little twist on the classic look!
Passion Cat Twist Velvet Tint - $24
Who has time to reapply through the craziness of the holidays? This matte, vibrant, full-coverage lip color will last ALL day and night! With a bouncy soft cushion applicator, pearl extract and vitamin E, this lippie is to die for. Available in 4 shades: nude, coral, dry rose and trick rouge.
Chosungah 22 C&T Luminous Liquid Foundation - $58
With the cool winter weather, foundation can be drying. This unique face makeup utilizes "fresh mix" technology with dual chamber packaging for foundation and honey volume. Both components blend seamlessly to achieve a smooth, radiant and flawless finish and leaves skin looking healthy and supple. Available in 4 shades: porcelain, ivory, natural and sand.
Forencos Precision Brow Pen - $25
The solution to a perfect holiday look? Great brows! This product utilizes a unique micro-fork applicator that allows you to comb through hairs so that color is deposited 360 degrees. Applies in hair-like strokes for a more realistic looking brow. Available in 2 shades: light brown and dark brown.
Batti Eyebrow Jelly Tint - $18
Want brows that rival micro-blading from peel-off gel? Batti Brow is for you! Made with Ginkgo Biloba Nut, Alba Fruit and Licorice Root, this product temporarily stains your brows for a fuller look! Available in 2 shades: natural brown and dark brown.