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About Us

A Message From Chelsea Scott

At 17 I stepped off the plane in Italy, got a job at a lipstick factory and—whooosh!—just like that, I knew travel and beauty products were my passion. And that has been the truth for nearly three decades now. While visiting so many other cultures around the world, I developed two other obsessions, one for the different traditions of wellness, the other for innovative products, especially when it comes to skincare. That would explain why I fell so hard for South Korean beauty practices on my first trip there in 2016. Seeing all the stores in Myeong-dong, the epicenter of K-beauty, was like love at first sight; even with all I knew and had learned over the years, it was like discovering a whole new beauty universe! I met the innovators at the leading brands that combine science, innovation and technology with natural ingredients. And I loved the traditions at the heart of K-beauty: Treat your skin, hair and health carefully and respectfully, as part of a routine to live a healthier life.


The idea for The Beauty Spy was sparked on that trip—to find and bring to our U.S. customers extraordinary beauty products from around the world that are not easily accessible here, even with the global reach of the internet. My team of Beauty Spy Special Agents and I would search out the items that would truly make a difference in our Western beauty regimes by working on all sorts of skin types and skin shades. We would learn about the traditions and the science behind these magical products by having conversations with their developers and understanding how they worked, often with a cultural perspective.


In the four years since, we have made it our personal mission to uncover these beauty treasures—whether on return trips to South Korea or in Japan, Australia or wherever we spot the next important trend—and bring them back to share with beauty lovers here at home. Now, I’d love to introduce you to my fellow beauty obsessives, The Beauty Spy Special Agents. They each bring a unique perspective to our travels and finds, and they’re always looking out for the next game-changer for you.

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Our Mission

We uncover beauty secrets from around the globe! The Beauty Spy is Chelsea Scott, along with her team of agents, who are on a mission to discover hidden secrets, the latest innovations and new beauty products from around the globe.

All Products are Cruelty Free

Meet The Beauty Spy Agents


Two things I love are testing out beauty products and eating! When I travel, exploring the menus of local restaurants is just as important as investigating the shelves of every beauty store. I am always on the hunt for the best skincare for my sensitive skin and the latest hair care treatment to keep my hair on point. I also love sharing products on our TikTok so come check them out.


Hi Beauties! My favorite thing about traveling the world is learning about the history behind places, foods, beauty rituals and products, of course! From the fun packaging to the unique textures and indigenous natural ingredients, I love discovering all that K-beauty has to offer. I’m a busy mom of a four-year-old so I tend to gravitate toward any products that can save me time or help me multi-task. When I’m not searching the stores for the latest beauty trend you can find me in any of the amazing street markets I’ve found, on the hunt for the perfect ice cream treat!


On land and sea, I enjoy navigating the environment for a common goal. On the streets of South Korea navigating the streets with the team is my number-one priority, back at home in sunny Florida, it’s navigating at sea to find the freshest catch. I was born in London and have always had a thing for global treats, so when scouting the newest beauty products I’m also looking to stock my favorite chocolates.

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