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Guys Gift Guide

Buying gifts for your guy can be tough, but we're here to help. This guy friendly gift guide is packed with Beauty Spy gems he doesn't even know he needs, but he'll thank you for later!
Moremo Whipped Cream Hair Treatment - $30
Who doesn't love a hair styling product, especially one with the consistency of whipped cream?! This soft, whipped hair styling product melts onto hair to make it softer and smoother. Suitable for all hair types and versatile styling options for wet, dry and blow-dried hair.
EZ Foot Peel - $20
Gift the guys in your life with a pedicure in a bottle! EZ Foot Peel is a product EVERYONE loves! ThisEXCLUSIVE Beauty Spy product gently exfoliates dry skin by applying cream and rolling away dead skin. Its unlike anything else, and the perfect present!
Moremo Scalp Care Shampoo - $29
What better gift for your guy than shiny, healthy hair? This Clear & Cool shampoo is enriched with proteins and moisturizers, including hydrolyzed silk and keratin. Not only great for those luscious locks, but scalp health too!
COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch - $7
Unfortunately almost everyone suffers from stubborn pimples, but these lifesavers are the perfect little gift! A thin, clear hydrocolloid patch effective in healing acne and treating breakouts by protecting the spot from bacteria and infection.
Moremo Revitalizing Hair Tonic - $28
Give the gift of healthy hair! This nutritional hair tonic includes plant stem cells and plant root extracts that cleans waste accumulated on the scalp and adjusts water-oil balance of scalp. It soothes, moisturizes, and relaxes itchy, irritated scalp.
COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pad - $20
These moisture pads are an easy and convenient way of hydrating and wiping out skin impurities. Ideal for post-workout, morning and night, or a mid-day refresher!