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Top Reasons You Should Invest
in a Beauty Fridge

Beauty Fridges have taken over your social feeds because they are cute, compact and help boost your beauty benefits, so let’s break down why you need one.

Boost Your Skincare Benefits

A beauty fridge may be especially useful for any product with cooling, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. These types of products will not only feel better when chilled, but there’s also science behind it. Cold temperatures cause blood vessels to constrict, which can be a great help if you’re looking to brighten, reduce redness and de-puff. It’s best to avoid refrigerating oil-based products, which can change texture.

Extend the Life of Your Beauty Products

Are you tired of wasting money on expensive products or natural formulations and having to throw them away before they are finished? Maybe your products are drying out or separating? Then you need to try our Beauty Fridge.

Although most skincare products don’t need refrigeration (unless specified on the packaging), storing them in cool temperatures could provide extra benefits. One plus, especially on those products that may have broken the bank (oops!), is that cool temperatures can extend the shelf-life of some skincare. Especially if vegan, clean or natural products are your thing since they don’t include those added preservatives.

What To / What Not to Store

Water based formulas, natural preservative-free and anything that is oil-free but would feel good on your skin can be stored in your beauty fridge. Plus, you can even keep your gua sha, jade rollers and small beauty tools to get an extra soothing sensation and those same amazing benefits.

To Store:

1. Serum, Ampoule
2. Vitamin C Products
3. Gels, Lotions & Balms
4. Nail Varnish
5. Preservative-Free Formulas
6. Eye Cream
7. Sheet Masks
8. Beauty Tools
9. Powder Formulas
10. Hydrogel

Not To Store:

1. Oils
2. Oil-based Formulas
3. Creams
4. Clay Formulas

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Beauty Spy Mini Fridge

Helping to keep your beauty products cool! Store your skincare, personal care & beauty products.


A Few Things To Know:

This cute and compact Beauty Fridge will look great on your vanity, your bedroom or anywhere you store your skincare. It will be a nice treat when you need a quick depuff in the morning, plus you can avoid any food contamination (and the walk) from your kitchen refrigerator.


Here are the details:


• Portable design with convenient handle, lightweight at less than 4 lbs.
• Quiet operation fits seamlessly in any setting
• Works without refrigerants or Freon
• Comes with cute Beauty Spy stickers
• Cooling Capacity: approx. 46F to 55F; Warming Capacity: approx. 130F\
• Internal Dims: Approx 5.5”L x 5.5”W x 8”H


GOOD TO KNOW:Do not use the Hot mode for storing beauty products. Unit should not be used to store food products that require refrigeration or heat.

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“Your skin-care obsessed friend needs this adorable Mini Beauty Refrigerator to keep all of their mists and serums at the perfect temp.”

“Reviewers rave that this fridge looks great on a vanity, is super-practical, and does a great job at maintaining the freshness of products.”

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