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  • NAKED COTTON™ Classic is extra soft cotton pads that are ideal when applying your favorite toner or essence. It absorbs liquid just enough to glide on your face without wasting it, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated. Let this truly versatile cotton sheet elevate your skincare routine.

    • Say goodbye to rips and pills, now you can get the most out of your products without being harsh on your skin.

    NAKED COTTON™ Textured is a perforated version of our Classic cotton pads. With its tiny holes on the surface, it works as a gentle exfoliator on its own or double the effect when using an exfoliator. Let this meticulously woven sheet help you remove makeup without leaving any residue behind.

    • Use it with your favorite micellar water based cleanser or toner with AHA, BHA or fruit acids. Because of its extra-large size, all you need is one sheet to do the job!

    NAKED COTTON™ Stripped is uniquely designed for customized sheet mask treatment. Create your own multipurpose facial mask with our easy to use NAKED COTTON™ stripped by soaking them in your favorite toner, essence or serum.

    • Morning Time: Place NAKED COTTON™ Stripped and leave them on your face for 3-5 minutes for a quick hydration boost. Your skin will be perfectly ready for makeup!
    • Evening Time: Leave the sheets on your face for 10-15 min for your own home spa!

    • Completely lint-free: It leaves absolutely no lint or messy fibers on your skin. You’ll be surprised by the quality!
    • Made with 100% pure natural cotton: Free of viscose, rayon, and other chemical materials; Unbleached, untreated, and grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
    • 100% biodegradable: Chemical and plastic-free cotton sheets made of sustainably sourced ingredients.
    • Extra Gentle: Incredibly soft texture. Say goodbye to rips and pills. Get the most out of your products without being harsh on your skin.
    • Extra Large size: Each cotton sheet is 4*6 inches; One cotton pad is enough to do the job!

  • NAKED COTTON™ Classic

    1. Apply toner or essence of your choice to cotton sheets and wipe or pad over the skin.

    TIP:  Naked Cotton™ Classic can be used for DIY Sheet mask treatment:
    ① Fully soak 1 or 2 cotton sheets with toner or essence of your choice.
    ② Place them on your face and leave 5-10 minutes as you would do with any facial sheet mask in the morning or in the evening.

    NAKED COTTON™ Textured

    1. Apply micellar water based cleanser or makeup remover to cotton sheets and gently swipe over the skin.

    TIP:  Its unique, perforated surface can boost the performance of any liquid exfoliator with AHA, BHA or fruit acids.

    NAKED COTTON™ Stripped

    1. Fully soak 4 to 5 sheets with your favorite toner, essence or serum and begin placing them on your face. Starting from the center, covering your nose and cheeks, place the other sheets on your forehead and chin. If there are any remaining sheets, use them on the uncovered area. 

    TIP:  Customized sheet mask treatment performs best when the sheets are cold. Place the NAKED COTTON™ Stripped in a jar to fully soak them with your favorite toner or essence and keep them in the fridge. Your skin will be instantly refreshed and awakened! 

  • 100% cotton