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KOBAKO Heated Eyelash Curler

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  • Well-designed, playful, and stylish. This beauty tool has it all! KOBAKO has been created with the belief that beauty tools enable a woman to let her beauty shine. Designed to meet professional standards, this tool is fashionable, compact and portable

    • After applying mascara, eyelashes can be curled up beautifully from the roots into a natural fan by pressing the heat panel against the base of the lashes.
    • Easy to see whether the curler is on or off, as flipping the arm up turns it on, and folding it back down turns it off 
    • About the size of a lipstick, it will easily fit in your makeup bag. It operates on a single AAA battery, so changing batteries is a snap. Adjustable temperature. 
    1. Open the cover. Press the button to flip the arm up and turn the curler on. Adjust the temperature to H (high) or L (low) depending on your intended use.
    2. Close the cover and wait about 1 minute for the heater portion to warm up. Touch the heat panel with fingertip to check on the heat level.
    3. Place the heat panel or comb against the base part of the eyelashes. *Please do so while checking in the mirror to avoid hurting the eye or eyelid.
    4. Hold the curler for 2-3 seconds in each location and slide up. *The way the lashes curl will differ depending on the person.
    5. When finished, fold over to store the arm position. This will turn the switch off. * It will not turn off unless the arm is completely stored.