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  • Want to hear a secret? The secret to a perfect, golden tan is all in the preparation, and the best way to prep is through exfoliation. Make it easy with this specialty exfoliating glove that gently removes the dead layers of skin to help you create the perfect canvas for self-tanner application. Massage it over your skin prior to applying product to help ensure a streak- and patch-free tan. Your perfect preparation will have your admirers asking, "What's your secret?"

    • Wet glove and skin with warm water, then gently massage skin in a circular motion.
    • Use glove as a buffer to exfoliate prior to and after tanning to remove dead skin and excess product.
    • Rinse glove after use and hang to dry; can use a mild cleanser on glove.
    • Glove is reusable.
    1. Use as a wet buffing glove to exfoliate prior to tanning and after tanning, to remove excess application
    2. Wet the glove and your skin with warm water and gently massage skin in circular motion
    3. Can use a mild cleanser on mitt
    4. This glove is reusable: simply rinse and hang to dry


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