Tako Pore Sebum SSOK SSOK Peel Off Pack



Effectively removes blackhead, sebum, dead skin cells and other impurities at once without irritation. Softly spreading texture perfectly adheres to the curved skins.
  • This peel off pack is formulated to help you purify skin by pulling out and removing pore waste
  • Highly effective mask-film for the face, deeply cleanses the skin and absorbs the excess skin oil
  • The mask helps to narrow the pores, eliminate black and white heads, soothes the skin, helps to dry out inflammation 
  • The composition of the mask includes coal and other useful ingredients that have an anti-aging effect, and accelerates the process of skin regeneration


  1. After face washing, towel-dry and apply an appropriate amount on the face except skin around the eyes.
  2. After 30 minutes when the content is completely dried, slowly remove.