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  • Adhesive hydrocolloid patch that absorbs secretion from a wound and helps to prevent scarring.

    • This waterproof hydrocolloid patch reduces scarring by protecting the wound and quickly absorbs wound exudate 
    • Hydrocolloid protects wound from external impurities and antibacterial packaging minimizes scarring by maintaining a moist environment for better and faster healing 
    • 44 patches in two sizes - comes in (10mm, 12mm) so you can custom fir the patch to wounds of any size
    • The thin layer perfectly clings to your skin looking natural and less obvious, which allows you to wear makeup on top of it
    1. Adhere a patch over the wound
    2. As fluid gets absorbed, the patch becomes white and swells up
    3. The white spot settles down
    4. Remove and apply another patch *if it doesn't peel off easily, try after soaking with warm water.
  • Polyurethane film, Hydrocolloid pad, Polyester film, Paper


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