AC Solution Acne Clear Spot Pimple Patch

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  • Specially developed with hydrocolloid dressing, these waterproof and self-adhering patches gently heal blemishes without irritating the skin. Working to extract residue secreted from the skin and provide a moist environment to inhibit the formation of scarring, while creating a hygienic environment and preventing germs from getting in.

    • 0.2mm thickness patch perfectly adheres to the skin
    • Waterproof + sweat proof
    • This spot patch is cut half in the middle so there is no need to use your finger to remove the patch in order to avoid germs
    • 2 different sizes (10mm & 12mm)

    This product is recommended for:

    Those who constantly worry about scars and skin troubles

    Those who have facial scars caused by skin trouble

    Those who want quick recovery of skin scar

    Those who want sanitary skin trouble care

    Those who want high adhesive spot patch that won't fall off when coming in contact with water or sweat

    Those who want an invisible skin care patch

    1. Wash and dry the trouble areas thoroughly.
    2. Remove the film to separate the patch.
    3. Apply the patch centering the skin trouble areas and slightly push the patch with your palm for 2~3 seconds.