Fall/Winter Skincare Tips

Fall/Winter Skincare Tips

Fall/Winter Skincare Tips

Saying hello to fall and winter doesn't have to mean saying hello to dry, red, itchy, or breakout-prone skin. Our skin needs some extra TLC in these upcoming months, and its crucial we give it what it needs! We have a few tips for you beauties to keep your skin beautiful this upcoming season.

1. Choose a gentle cleanser 

It's important not to over-dry your skin when it's already craving moisture from the low humidity and cool temperatures. This time of year is perfect to try out double cleansing - using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. Our Banila Clean It Zero Cleanser will moisturize, while our Labiotte Capsule Cleansing Water won't strip skin of those crucial natural oils.

2. Take shorter, cooler showers

Although they are tempting and it doesn't sound quite right, long hot showers in the winter can actually have negative effects on skin. Hot showers can cause irritation, redness and itching due to inflaming the skin. Try to keep showers between 5-10 minutes at lukewarm temperature!

 3. Simplify your routine

Take care not to use any product with alcohol, fragrance or astringents, which will further dry your skin. Be on the lookout for these ingredients in your toners!

4. Don't forget the moisturizer

Your skin is craving moisture this time of year, so don't hold back! Apply moisturizer to your face and body, and don't forget about lips and hands.